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23rd January 2020
Imagine Series – Kitchens

Hello there little Chefs. Your aprons on? You ready to whisk, bake, fry and shake? Our kitchens have been designed to create an imaginative play space where toddlers can explore, develop and let their little minds run wild with ideas. The kitchens also provide a teaching space where parents and care givers can impart knowledge […]

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6th May 2019
Whimsical Pastels

Pastel and neutral colours have always been a classic choice for children’s spaces. The gentleness of the colours immediately makes a room soft and peaceful while creating a feeling of calm and safety for children utilizing the space. Another advantage of using pastel colours is that space will not date quickly and more often than […]

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6th May 2019
Rusty Retro

Colour palettes that once made themselves loved in the seventies have now returned to children’s design with Rust being the current favourite - Mustard and Charcoal following closely behind. A space that uses a combination of these colours and bringing in red and black is sure to make a bold statement provided the colours are […]

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