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Rusty Retro

6th May 2019

Colour palettes that once made themselves loved in the seventies have now returned to children’s design with Rust being the current favourite - Mustard and Charcoal following closely behind. A space that uses a combination of these colours and bringing in red and black is sure to make a bold statement provided the colours are used in balance and the space is styled with good proportions.

When using big colours it is important to consider all elements of the space so as not to make the space overwhelming. Choose carefully when deciding what your primary colour will be and then which colours will be used for statement pieces. These rich warm colours are sure to make any space inviting and ensure hours of play and happy memories!

Take inspiration from this space that we created and read on to see how you can create it yourself – all furniture and colours are available in our store. You can also contact Lize here for advice on putting together a similar look, where to source other elements of decor and some design advice.

Colour Pallette:



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